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Learn how to supercharge your events with our improved Campaign Event Support.

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are form of Event Support, designed to empower chapter leaders to host the best events possible with the help of seasoned Chapter Coordinators.

This year we're adding in optional Side Quest activations, which are optional, limited time Campaign add-ons with unique twists! No matter the occasion, we look to give you the opportunity to gain valuable event planning experience while bringing together your community.

Application Process

Each semester will have multiple periods where you can apply for Campaign event support. Reach out to your Chapter Coordinator for a link to your event application form.

This year, we're introducing the Event Check-in form where chapter leaders can track turnout for their chapter. Promote your event in a way that best suits your community.

2019 Calendar

Campaign Schedule
Spring Period 1 Jan 16 - Mar 31
Spring Period 2 Apr 1 - Jun 1
TBA Side Quest April 2020

Submitting Event Recaps

After every Campaign event, chapter leaders are required to submit a photo album that showcases the attendees, prizes, and best moments of the event. In order to maintain your Campaign tier, your recap must contain a minimum of 15 quality photos in the previously stated categories.

After your recap is submitted, your Chapter Coordinator (CC) will evaluate the recap based on the public grading rubric. Based on your recap and the total number of attendees at your event, your max event package tier will be updated.

Campaign Guide


It's dangerous to go alone. Reach out to your Chapter Coordinator or the photo guide for tips on how to maximize your events success!

Event Tiers & Promotions

Chapters are eligible to receive an upgraded package tier for the next Campaign period if ALL of the following requirements are met:

  1. Latest Campaign recap passed by your Chapter Coordinator based on the public grading rubric.

  2. Attendance from your latest Campaign Event, based on your event check in form, meets the attendance minimum requirement of the NEXT tier.


Plan the best events possible with your event team to consistently upgrade your package throughout the school year.

Campaign Guide & Live Support

Excited to level-up your campus events? The Campaign Guide is a comprehensive resource for Campaign requirements, processes, and tiers — everything you need to know to make your campus stand out from the rest. You can also reach out to get live support on our Tespa Discord server.

Campaign Guide