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Whether you're looking for a community or you're ready to start one, a Tespa chapter is a place you can call home.

A home for gaming on your campus.

Tespa chapters are officially-recognized student gaming clubs across the US and Canada. Together with Tespa, chapter leaders work year-round to host epic events, learn new skills, and create inclusive gaming experiences for their members.

Create a legacy for your campus.

Leadership is the greatest adventure that college has to offer. As a chapter leader, you'll create a vision for an inclusive gaming community, and we'll make your dream a reality through event support and mentorship programs. As you develop your chapter, we'll help you develop yourself through career opportunities and workshops.

Event Spotlight: Husky Gaming Expo 2019

Event Spotlight: Husky Gaming Expo 2019

Each year, Tespa chapter leaders at University of Washington host a massive gaming convention.

It's dangerous to go alone, take this!

Joining a chapter means opening new doors for your college experience. As a member, you can join a team and compete in your favorite games, you can become an officer and create epic experiences, or you can choose to casually spend time with students who are just like you.


Level up your chapter's gaming events!

Gaming events are the perfect way to bring a community together. As the organizers, you and your team will learn new technical skills and expand your career opportunities. As attendees, your members will have opportunities to make friends and take a break from classes.

When you plan your events, you'll be able to apply for Tespa Event Support. As long as you consistently complete your event requirements, we'll send your chapter gear packages and unique opportunities from our gaming partners and sponsors.

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Team up to create epic experiences!

Team up to create epic experiences!

Events bring clubs closer together. Our goal is to remove barriers so you can focus on building great experiences.

Let's grow your chapter, together.

Each time you recruit a member, you're recruiting someone who could change your chapter forever — as a competitive player, a future leader, or a friend for someone in your club who needs one. That's why we think helping you recruit is one of the best things we can do for your community.

This year, in addition to providing Tabling Kits for all Tespa chapters, we'll also be giving you the power to award digital rewards, like our exclusive Dalaran Flame card back, to your members. Ask your Chapter Coordinator for details.

Your benefits, your choice.

Your benefits, your choice.

As a leader, you'll be able to choose whether you use our digital benefits as recruitment rewards, fundraising incentives, or something creative.

Study the Tespa Library.

Joining our chapter network means you should never have to reinvent the wheel. Before you start a new project, read through our Tespa Library, a collection of resources and guides for chapter-relevant topics like Leadership, Event Planning, and Marketing. 

Can't find what you're looking for? Tell your Chapter Coordinator, or request a new guide from us on Discord!

Study Up

Skill-up your chapter!

Skill-up your chapter!

The Tespa Library houses guides for 40 important skills that any gaming club can benefit from.