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Looking to bring your community together with an event? We'll give you the tools for success.

“To educate, empower, and pave the way for gaming on campus through regular community gatherings.”

- Event Support Mission Statement

Tespa's Event Support Program provides year-round opportunities for chapters to upgrade their events. If you're a returning leader, you'll notice that this year's program introduces new features, based on your feedback.

What is Event Support?

Event Support is a process that you can use to apply for packages of partnered items for your events. From monthly fighting game tournaments to your annual flagship event, we're here to support your dream every step of the way.

This year, we're expanding our support repertoire. That's why Campaigns, Tabling Kits, Side Quests, and more are now all part of the Event Support Program!


Campaign Event Support

Several times a year, you'll be able to submit a Campaign Application to receive Tespa support for a club event. Upon approval, Tespa will send a Campaign package full of tools, gaming gear, and partner items to your chapter. Afterwards, you'll submit a Recap for the event with photos.

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Side Quest Event Support

Looking to level up your Campaign package even more? At specific times during the year, you'll be able to add a Side Quest to your Campaign package, while supplies last. Each Side Quest will contain additional items centered around a different franchise. We're kicking off the year with Side Quests for Overwatch League and Hearthstone!

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Tabling Event Support

The first weeks of class are crucial for member recruitment and involvement. That’s why each year, we send out Tabling Kits with promotional gear and giveaways to make sure you have the biggest and baddest booth on the block.

To apply, check your Regional Discord chat or ask your Chapter Coordinator.