Introducing our newest Side Quest: Descent of Dragons!

Galakrond has awoken! Join the League of E.V.I.L. to lay waste on all who oppose you, or take to the skies with the League of Explores and the dragonflights to foil their evil schemes. The fate of Azeroth is in your hands adventurers! To finish out this semester, we're partnering with our friends at Hearthstone to bring your chapter this epic conclusion to the Year of the Dragon. If you're a chapter leader, follow the steps below to receive a special Fireside Gathering package for your next event!

What's a Tespa Side Quest?

If you're a Tespa chapter leader, that means whenever you apply for Campaign Event Support, you'll also be able to opt-in to Side Quests, which are optional activations for specific games or initiatives that also come with additional merchandise.

Descent of Dragons Side Quest Application Steps

To receive the Side Quest for Descent of Draogns, you'll need to opt-in as part of an official Tespa Event Support application by December 2nd, for any Fireside Gathering event between December 6th and December 9th.

Your first step is to create a Fireside Gathering on the official website. If you're hosting a Fireside Gathering for the first time, make sure you read through the Innkeeper's Guide for instructions on how to set up and "unbox" your event using the Hearthstone game client.

After your Fireside Gathering application has been submitted, you'll be able to apply for Campaign Event Support. Ask your Chapter Coordinator for a link to the Event Support application.

Fireside GatheringFind Your CC

Dragon Support Descending!

No matter if your Chapter members join the League of Explorers or the League of E.V.I.L., we’ll be sending you a support kit with Hearthstone items! This is sure to be a heated battle, so be sure to recruit many adventurers with these items to make sure your side prevails!

Invoke Your Tavern

After you successfully host a Fireside Gathering, you’ll be able to establish a Tavern for your Hearthstone community and unlock special add-ons and game modes! We’ll be hosting more Side Quests with Hearthstone going into 2020, so there’s no better time to get started.

Take to the skies adventurers! If you’re a Tespa leader, head to to create a Fireside Gathering, and check in with your Chapter Coordinator to submit Event Support application. If you’re a member or non-Tespa student, find a chapter near you.