As we head into 2020, our team is looking to continue to evolve the support we provide to students across North America. In order for this to happen, we’re going to be closing down and on December 19. This is to focus our web features into a series of alternative web portals to create a better experience for our users. Read below to learn more about how this change may impact your experience.

What does this mean for Tespa chapter leaders?

Tespa chapter programs and benefits — like Event Support and Side Quests — will be largely unaffected and will continue to operate as usual. We’ll be sharing more information soon about how other MyTespa features like chapter pages will exist in 2020 and beyond.

What does this mean for Tespa members?

As a member, current benefits like Loot Drops will be unavailable to claim or view starting the close date. We’ll be sharing more information soon about how we can reinstate Tespa member benefits on a new platform. In the meanwhile, make sure you claim any benefits you want by December 19!

What does this mean for Tespa competitors?

Going forward, tournament registration and match operations will take place on a different platform. As a competitor, you will still be able to represent your school alongside classmates, and we will use continue to use student verification for tournament participation. Prizing and all current ongoing or announced tournaments will be unaffected by the change, including our announced Overwatch Collegiate Championship in 2020.

What about

Our main site will still be publicly accessible after December 19, and there will still be updates in the form of blogs! We anticipate site maintenance occurring during the end of March and beginning of April, and will have more information on that as we head into the Spring Semester.

Stay In Touch

Though our platforms are changing, we’re still excited and committed to continue supporting collegiate gaming alongside our members, leaders, competitors, and all students around the world! Going forwards, we’ll be using our Community and Compete Discord servers, our newsletters, and our social channels to keep everyone informed. As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to reach out!

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