Tespa is excited to announce the resumption of all our Spring Scholarship tournaments. We cannot wait to get back to the incredible collegiate competitions that were set to define this Spring.

Initially, Tespa postponed the Spring season after getting numerous reports on how the ongoing pandemic was affecting our students, support staff, and players.

In our postponement announcement, we committed to prizing out all scholarships initially outlined for each tournament, and we believe the only way to do that fairly is through competition. We are confident that our initial decision to postpone the season for our students, faculty, and admin teams allowed each to stay focused on staying safe during an incredibly complex situation.

Now that our communities across the country have hunkered down, continued online classes, and settled into their foreseeably normal situations, we hope that through clear planning and increased roster fluidity teams will be able to focus on doing their best! Below you will find new schedules, roster guidelines, and more for all remaining tournament matches in the Spring Season. In an effort to retain the same caliber of players and teams, each of our tournaments will unlock their rosters starting now, until May 31st before matches resume. These grace periods will give students and staff the time necessary to get their teams in working order, while still following all relevant eligibility requirements outlined in our tournament rulesets. If you were eligible for the original Spring Season - as outlined in our current rulesets, you’re eligible for the continuation of the Spring Season.

We understand that some teams may still not be able to compete, even with the additional avenues outlined to round out or refresh their rosters. We’re committed to doing everything we can to help you fill out your teams if needed - if your team is in a unique circumstance, or needs additional support, please reach out to an admin through our Discord so we can help you.

If you joined us during the interim tournament season, thank you, we hope you had fun. Now, we are excited to see the collegiate community return to the arena and compete for championship titles!

Disclaimer: Due to the ongoing pandemic, Tespa has no plans to hold a live finals event for our Spring Season; however, we are actively pursuing other options to showcase the best of the best across our tournaments.


Roster Unlocks May 8 - May 31
Varsity Regular Season Matches June 6, 13, 20, 21
Club Regular Season Matches June 7, 14, 21
Play ins June 27 - July 5
Play-offs July 11 & 12
Grand Finals Match July 18

To allow for teams to make necessary substitutions given the ongoing situation, we’ll be unlocking rosters from now until May 31st. Throughout that time period, teams can move around players to ensure their team has enough to compete! If you need help or have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to an admin.


Open Regular Season Matches June 1 - 22 (Mon / Thurs)
Varsity Regular Season Matches June 2 - 23 (Tues / Fri)
Open Double Elimination June 27 & 28
Open Dual Elimination July 11
Varsity Dual Elimination July 12
Grand Finals Match July 18

Teams will be expected to play two matches a week, given 3 days to still submit and ban decks in order to plan strategies accordingly. Rosters remain unlocked from before the Spring Season was postponed. Rosters will be locked the day before match 5 for both divisions. This schedule is condensed to avoid matches on holiday weekends while finishing up both Varsity and Open playing their final matches on July 18th.

Call of Duty Collegiate Series: Invitational

Varsity Round Robin June 1, 2, 8, 9
Invitational Round of 16 June 18 & 19 (Tues / Fri)
Invitational Round of 8 June 25 & 26
Semifinals July 10
Grand Finals Match July 18

To allow teams to make necessary substitutions given the ongoing situation, we will be unlocking rosters from now until May 31st. Varsity round robin matches will continue Mondays and Tuesdays for the first two weeks of June. Starting on June 18th, we will then ingest the top 8 teams from CCL’s regular season and see which collegiate teams will win Tespa’s first ever Call of Duty Collegiate Invitational!

Call of Duty Collegiate Series: Spring Duos - presented by the U.S. Army

Duos Tournament 1 June 15 - 17
Duos Tournament 2 June 22 - 24
Duos Tournament 3 June 29 - July 1
Duos Tournament 4 July 6 - 8
Duos Invitational July 15 - 17
Grand Finals Match July 18

Initially, Tespa and the U.S. Army had planned on prizing top teams travel and a ticket to compete onsite at CDL homestands, but we have now refactored prizing that was allocated for travel and lodging to be ingested into the above structure. Teams will compete in the first four weeks of duos competition for $2,500 in prizing per tournament.

Top finishers will be invited to our Online Duos Invitational Tournament, where $5,000 more in scholarships are on the line, as well as being crowned the best Duos team in the United States and Canada.