Welcome back to class!

As students across the world prepare for another exciting year of classes, adventures, and epic gaming events, our collegiate strike force has been busy developing cutting-edge Tespa programs for the 2015-2016 school year. Today, we’re ready to show off our arsenal of new features to the world!


Excited for benefits? Last year, our membership milestones program rewarded chapters and members for having thriving communities on campus. This year, we’re retro-fitting our milestones program into a new, event-based benefit system for our schools.

  1. Four quarterly activations with unique rewards, redeemable by all chapters
  2. End-of-the-year bonus for chapters that complete multiple activations
  3. All individual membership benefits unlocked at 25 members


The Tespa world is changing! At the foundation of Tespa's collegiate network is our mission to create lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between chapters across North America. This year, we’re proud to announce our new regional initiative; a series of strategic, regionally-centered programs that will promote cooperation, competition, and communication between regions and with our national team.

To kick off our regional changes, we’re regrouping our chapters into four regions: North, South, East, and West. For a detailed map of the new regional lines, as well as links to each region’s new regional Facebook group, check out our updated communities page on the Tespa website.


Over the past three months, we’ve sorted through hundreds of coordinator applications from talented leaders from across the world. Today, we’re excited to welcome 8 new regional coordinators to our team, dedicated to making our collegiate support program as personal and professional as possible.


Tespa chapters have always excelled at building exciting live events. We’re ready to take that passion to the next level with the Regional Event Challenge, a massive collaborative event held by each region in the winter. The catch? Each region’s REC committee will recieve $15,000 in funding from Tespa to level-up the event!