What is a Developing Group?

Any groups in the Developing section means they haven’t completed all of their requirements to become an active Tespa chapter. Once those requirements are completed and Tespa HQ has been notified, they will be moved into their respective region!

My group is in the Developing section, what are requirements for becoming an active Tespa chapter?

To move your group up to active chapter status, just make sure you complete the following:

1. Yearly Rollover in my.tespa.org which includes:

  • Signing up 3 chapter officers’ accounts
  • Making sure your chapter’s website and contacts are up to date

2. Have a signed Tespa charter agreement on file.

I’ve done all of those, but I’m still not in the active section. What do I do?

If you believe you’ve done everything above and your chapter is still listed under Developing Groups, please click on your chapter on the Chapters page and reach out to us with the Contact Tespa button.

The Developing Group at my school is inactive, and I want to take steps towards becoming an active chapter.  What do I do?

When the next admissions block opens for Tespa chapter applications, please apply as if it is a new chapter and let us know that you are coming from a Developing Group.  To find out when the next admissions block begins, check our News & Events section for the latest information.

My website link is wrong! How do I update this?

Please contact support@tespa.org to request this to be changed to your chapter's preferred website or social link.