Introducing your Tespa Regional Coordinators for the 2016-2017 academic year!

What is a Regional Coordinator?

Tespa Regional Coordinators are contractors tasked with engaging and supporting the leadership team of each chapter within their designated region. Regional Coordinators are a focal point of communication within Tespa, acting as liaisons between our chapters and Tespa HQ.

Regional Coordinators are leaders and innovators for each region, and will be expected to ensure that our chapters receive the support, mentorship, and transparency from HQ that they deserve. They will also work very closely with HQ to ensure that national programs are successful and that we are hearing feedback from our chapters so as to support our members in the best possible way.

What do they do?

The main responsibilities of the Tespa Regional Coordinators are as follows:

  • Meet with the leadership of all chapters at the start of the year to establish goals and understand the needs of each of their assigned chapters
  • Promote national Tespa initiatives (ex: Event Support, Competitive Programs, Admissions for new chapters, etc.)
  • Host three online Regional Council meetings per year
  • Assist in planning and operations of national and regional meetup events
  • Answer questions on behalf of Tespa HQ and escalate when necessary

Introduce them already!

East Regional Coordinators (

Angelique Rein (

Joshua Miller-Day (

North Regional Coordinators (

Jacob Astin (

Stelanie Tsirlis (

South Regional Coordinators (

Emily Zboril (

Maikol Brito (

West Regional Coordinators (

Mina Hur (

Natalie Chan (