Welcome to the complete guide to the Tespa program for the 2016-2017 academic year!

What is this blog?

Our mission as a national collegiate organization is to create a home for gamers on every campus. Below you’ll find all of the essential information needed to get involved as a Tespa chapter in the national organization’s programs to support that mission for this upcoming year. We’re always happy to help, so if you have any questions to what you read below, make sure to reach out to support@tespa.org or the Presidents Council channels.

Charter Updates & Requirements

We want being an active chapter to mean that you can trust the student leadership at your school to be responsive and to be placing a great deal of importance on the longevity of the chapter. We also recognize the value of properly onboarding new chapters on the essentials of the national program. To do that, we are updating the official Tespa Charter Agreement this fall to reflect the following changes.

Two new statuses for Tespa Chapters -- Beta & Active

Beta chapters have requirements spanning the course of a single season (either fall or spring), and have all chapter benefits available to them. Upon joining Tespa as a chapter, your club will be a Beta chapter and will have to do the following during the first six month period after joining in order to become an Active chapter:

  • Appoint at least 3 officers with responsibilities similar to a president, events lead, and competitive lead
  • Host 2 supported events in their first season (Fall or Spring)
  • Send a representative to all online council meetings in their first season
  • Select a faculty or staff advisor by the end of the Beta period
  • Beta chapters who do not fulfill the above requirements must re-apply during a future Admissions block to regain chapter status.

Active chapters have requirements spanning the course of an entire academic year at a time, and have all chapter benefits available to them. To retain Active status, chapters must:

  • Always have 3 officers who cover the major responsibilities of an Active chapter
  • Host at least 3 supported events per year out of the 4 event support periods
  • Send a representative to at least 4 online council meetings in a year out of the 5 online councils
  • If a chapter cannot fulfill the Active requirements, they will be set to Beta status for one season, and must complete all Beta requirements to regain Active status.

We want to help everyone succeed in creating a strong presence on their campuses, and we believe that these basic steps will ensure that every club is properly positioned to make the biggest impact possible.

New charter documentation will be ready for review in September.

Council Meetings

Councils are online meetings meant to bring chapter leaders together. There are two different types of council meetings - the Presidents Council and the Regional Council. Each type has slightly different purposes and audiences, but ultimately exist to increase our transparency and to bring chapters closer together.

Presidents Council includes ALL chapter leaders in the US & Canada. These councils are organized by Tespa HQ and are intended to give chapters an idea of what HQ has planned for the next season. Two Presidents’ Councils will take place during the next academic school year. The first is in September and the second is in January. Attendance at both of these councils by the chapter president is mandatory.

Regional Councils include all chapter leaders within a single region. These meetings are conducted by the Regional Coordinators and are meant to bring regions together in an effort to share knowledge and strengthen regional pride and identity. Three Regional Councils occur per academic school year in November, March, and May. Attendance is mandatory for every Active chapter, or Beta chapters which are looking to stay active. If a president is unable to attend, they can send another officer in their place as long as the Regional Coordinators are told ahead of time. The general structure for a Regional Council is below:

  • Brief HQ update
  • Regional chapter leader announcements, if desired
  • Discussions based on interest of the region (Q&A, Open Forum, etc.)

If you are not in the Presidents Council Facebook group, reach out to your Regional Coordinator to be added. Event invites for all councils will be sent out at least 2 weeks in advance.

Event Support

Each year, Tespa aims to send physical support to our chapters by sending quarterly loot boxes to every chapter in order to help build consistent, quality events with prizing and promotion. Each box will contain custom Tespa items and gear or items from our national sponsors.

Events can range from large-scale LANs, to viewing parties, to social events; as long as they are planned and announced at least 2 weeks in advance of the event date. We would love for these events to be targeted towards as many members as possible, and we trust that our chapter leaders know their communities best in order to do so.

In order to claim your chapter's event support, log in to my.tespa.org navigate to My Profile as a chapter leader. When the application opens, you must enter the following info about your upcoming event:

  • Time & Date
  • Online event invite created through Facebook or another platform
  • Description of how participants may win prizes
  • Estimated attendance

After your event, an event recap is required to be submitted within 2 weeks of its conclusion. The recap mainly requires the following:

  • The approximate total attendance at the event, and
  • A link to a photo gallery containing 10+ event photos on any platform that you choose (Facebook, Flickr, Imgur, etc.)

Below is the current schedule for all four event support periods during this next academic year.

**All event support dates are subject to change pending inventory and national sponsor requirements.

New Membership Tool

This year we’re excited to announce a brand new way to sign-up members for your Tespa chapter. By logging into MyTespa you can now create a interest form in a just a minute and quickly add new members to your chapter. You can easily add a link to your Facebook page, emails or use it on a mobile device at your next tabling event.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

Need a strategy guide for the Fall semester? This summer, we asked over 20 of our best and brightest collegiate organizers to help us brainstorm a battle plan for the busiest time of the year, then condensed that knowledge into an easy, 10-step guidebook of checklists designed to help you stay organized and ambitious as you take on the semester.

Check out the Guidebook

Yearly Rollover (YRO)

Before the official start of every academic year, we go through a process called Yearly Rollover on the MyTespa platform that prepares each chapter for the next year.  This involves resetting all members’ premium (or paid) status so that new benefits can be claimed by returning national members. It also requires chapter leaders to go through a brief re-onboarding for the year since we know that the officers of our chapters are likely to change as students graduate or pass down the mantle of leadership.  The Yearly Rollover process looks something like this:

  • Log on to My.Tespa.org as a chapter leader
  • Add any new “Council members”, or officers of the club, and designate alumni using the Position column.  
  • For now, only an admin or your Regional Coordinator may demote officers who have left their position. Reach out to your Regional Coordinator at the emails corresponding to your region on tespa.org/chapters:
    east@tespa.org, north@tespa.org, south@tespa.org, west@tespa.org
  • Confirm a default shipping address for your chapter.
  • Confirm that your chapter’s website and/or social media channels are entered correctly.
  • Fill out the Welcome Package form here: bit.ly/WelcometoTespa 

Yearly Rollover is also a requirement in order to get to the Event Support application, but the good news is it shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes.