For many of us, the great adventure of college is just beginning.

Together with our fellow players and party members, we battled homework horrors, midterm monsters, and the final bosses that awaited us at the end of the Fall Semester. To equip you for the greater challenges ahead, we’re partnering with Twitch to present The Grand Adventure, a bounty of battle-ready equipment that will help you weather the weather as you embark on your journey in the new year.

Ready to accept your quest? Head to MyTespa and sign up for your package before February 20th!

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While your event is happening, don't forget to complete all of your quest requirements!

  • Share your adventure with the world by having your guild members tweet #TheGrandAdventure to @TeamTespa and @Twitch with photos from your journey. 
  • Capture your victories by taking 10 good photos of your event! Consult your trusty photography guidelines in the box for helpful tips!
  • Record your legacy by submitting your event recap to within a week of your event’s conclusion. 

The Grand Adventure Photo Contest

It wouldn't be a grand adventure without a prize at the end of the journey! This year we're tripling our treasure trove and hosting a photo contest for all Tespa Members! During your event, we're challenging your members to capture the spirit of adventure in an epic storytelling photo for a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to the Twitch Headquarters in San Francisco, California!

Of course, every adventurer needs a trusty companion. The lucky winner will be joined by their chapter's event support applicant to accompany them on their grand adventure to San Francisco!

Here's how to Enter: 

Post an original photo on Twitter that fulfills all of the following requirements.

  • Features one or more support items from your Grand Adventure
  • Post uses the hashtag #TheGrandAdventure
  • Be posted before March 20, 2017 at 11:59pm PST

Our judges will select the photo that best captures the spirit of adventure as the winner! We'll be reaching out via DM on Twitter, so make sure you're following @TeamTespa. See the full contest rules here.