Every good tale has two sides to the story. Day versus night, light versus darkness, good versus evil, CLG versus TSM, you versus midterms — you name it.

And let’s face it, if there’s anyone that can appreciate a good round of red versus blue, it’s gamers like you and me. That’s why today, for our fourth and final campaign of the 2016-2017 school year, we’re excited to present Heroes and Villains, a heroic (and yet, villainous) new event adventure featuring your favorite video game characters of any and all alignments!


To apply for your Heroes and Villains campaign box as a Tespa Chapter, click on the link above to head to MyTespa and begin the application process. All event boxes will include the following items, in addition to one or more special goodies based on your chapter’s event history.

  • Random Pokemon Plush Doll
  • Arthas Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Diablo Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Deathwing Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Reaper  Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Winston 11” Overwatch Official Plush
  • World of Warcraft Hardcover Comic Book
  • Tespa Stickers
  • Tespa Carabiner Clips
  • Tespa Steel Water Bottle
  • Tespa Ballpoint Pens

Don’t forget — your chapter can only apply for the Heroes vs. Villains campaign box if you have already completed your recap for the Grand Adventure campaign, so make sure you submit your recaps if you haven’t already. Please also remember to give us at least one week’s notice to review applications and ship your box.

Applications will close on May 8th.