Every student, leader, and competitor aspires to be something greater.

The feeling always starts small — making a new friend, hosting your first meeting, playing in your first tournament — but for us, it’s never enough. As leaders on campus and online, we always search for the next challenge, the next competition, the next victory. We aspire to be greater tomorrow than we are today, which means until you graduate, there’s no time to stop.

To achieve that greatness, you’ll need a focused mind and a full bar of stamina.  That’s why we’re excited to introduce Soylent as Tespa’s official nutrition-on-the-go partner — perfect for students who only have time to be hungry for success.

"Aspire" Campaign Partnership

To commemorate our partnership, we're teaming up with Soylent to host our third campaign of the 2017-2018 academic year — Aspire. Starting today, Tespa chapters across the nation can apply to host an official campaign event on their campus. If you're a chapter leader, click the buttons below to get started!

Campaign WebsiteCampaign Guide


#SoylentAspire Challenge

What do you dream of doing? Draw your aspirations on any Soylent bottle and Tweet a picture of your masterpiece to @Soylent and @TeamTespa with a caption and the hashtag #SoylentAspire. At the end of the campaign, we'll select two random winners to receive semester's supply of Soylent — enough fuel to get you started going places.

Get Involved

Looking for a way to score some Soylent bottles or Tespa gear? Stop by any offical Tespa chapter event for chance to take home some free giveaways. We'll also be announcing some exclusive members-only Soylent collaboration rewards and opportunities to win free bottles later this month — keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for details!