Welcome Tespa Korea!

At Tespa, we believe gaming is a catalyst for bringing people together from all over the world, which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded into South Korea! South Korea has a long history of esports excellence, and many of the world's top players are based in the country. We’re excited to build on that history and bring the Tespa collegiate network to the region.

What Is Tespa Korea?

Korea-infographic-web.jpg Tespa Korea launched on August 30, and is now the hub for college esports in Korea. Just like in North America, Tespa Korea brings together gamers from across game franchises and supports all levels of players, from casual to competitive. It also provides a path for student leaders who are pursuing a career in gaming and the esports industry.

In just under two months, Tespa Korea has grown to 2,000 students across 28 chapters. Seven of those chapters are Central Associations, a type of university club in Korea that is prominently acknowledged by the school and receives direct support, like an on-campus club room and an operational support budget.

We’re extremely excited to welcome Tespa Korea to our family. Head on over to their Facebook page, and say hello!