Embrace the shadows with a new Campaign Bundle from Tespa and Hearthstone!

The shadows are creeping up with an offer too good to refuse! We’re teaming up with our friends at Hearthstone to expand the ranks of the League of E.V.I.L. Follow these steps to apply for a special Tespa bundle and Fireside Gathering for your chapter!

Application Steps

Starting today, all approved Campaign events will include both the ROG Unleashed bundle and the Hearthstone "Rise of Shadows" Fireside Gathering Bundle.

Before you can apply for these bundles, you’ll need to first create a Fireside Gathering by clicking the button below. If you’re hosting a LAN, make sure you read through the Innkeeper’s Guide for instructions on how to set up and “unbox” your event using the Hearthstone client. If you’re not hosting a LAN, you can mark your event as “Unlisted” on the Fireside Gatherings application.

After your Fireside Gathering application has been submitted, click the button below to start your MyTespa Campaign application. MyTespa applications will not be accepted unless a link to a listed or unlisted Fireside Gathering is provided in the application.

Fireside GatheringMyTespa Application

Embrace the Shadows

To support your Tavern recruitment efforts, we’re supplying you with an assortment of exclusive items to help sweeten the deal. Our team is cute, but deadly, just like the mysterious gold pins you’ll find in your package. We’re even including some rare contraband from the Dalaran vaults — a Tespa Dalaran Flame Pin! Use these spoils to reward your winners and recruit new members!

For the full inventory, see the Campaign Guide.

Start Your Tavern

After you successfully host a Fireside Gathering, you’ll be able to establish a Tavern for your Tespa chapter and unlock special add-ons and game modes! We’ll be hosting many more optional Bonus Activations with Hearthstone later this year, so there’s no better time to get started.

Ready to get started? If you’re a Tespa leader, head to MyTespa to submit your Campaign application and FiresideGatherings.com to create a Fireside Gathering. If you’re a member or non-Tespa student, find a chapter near you.