Welcome to my Developer's Notes. I'm Kevin, the Program Manager for our Tespa Chapters.

This year, we’ve been through some leadership changes that have allowed us to really spend some time evaluating the progress that we’ve made towards Tespa's vision for the future of student gaming.


As of today, our chapter program supports over 200 incredible chapters that regularly host incredible on-campus events that celebrate gaming and help students connect with others. In the past decade, campus gaming has also made huge strides towards being recognized as a force for good, and we’re incredibly proud that our network has been a part of that change. But... there’s always more room to grow.

Today, I’d like to discuss some highlights from our recently-announced 2019 Active & Beta Chapter Chartering Agreements — changes that we believe will enable our Tespa community to make the biggest strides forward to a world where gaming is recognized as a force for good.


Requirements Changes

Philanthropy Event Requirement

“Chapters must apply for and host a Tespa Philanthropy event at least once per year while following the Tespa Philanthropy Requirements.”

Historically, gaming organizations have often been stigmatized as a distraction, rather than recognized for their ability to bring students together and provide a platform for social connectivity, leadership, and career development. That’s why we’ve always admired our Tespa chapters who have united their members to give back to their community through philanthropy and service events.

We believe that by encouraging our Tespa chapters to host philanthropy and service-based events, we can help destigmatize gaming on campus, demonstrate to universities that gaming organizations can be a force for good, and provide unique opportunities for Tespa members to unite behind a common cause. As always, Tespa will be providing the tools, resources, and support that chapters will need to host philanthropy events at no financial cost to the club.

Semesterly Report Requirement

“Complete and submit Semesterly Reports on chapter membership, leadership status, and event activity to Tespa once per Semester.”

Until now, we’ve used our MyTespa student portal to collect information on Tespa chapters and members — this helps us make decisions about how we support our chapters’ events and how we shape our community-facing programs. There is, however, currently a gap between what we are able to collect through our platform and what our chapters would be able to report based on their own event and member information.

We believe that by implementing a Semesterly Report system that gives chapters the ability to regularly report their own event metrics, member feedback, and leadership KPI’s, our team will be able to more accurately gauge the level of individualized support we give each chapter. Over time, we’ll be able to use this information to celebrate our accomplishments with our leaders and the world.

Benefits Changes

Digital Benefits

“Providing digital benefits to Tespa chapter members, at no cost to the chapter.”

All verified students on MyTespa have access to exclusive digital benefits from our partners and through our Member Progression system, but we currently don’t provide any direct incentives to make the step from “Tespa member” to “chapter member”.

This Fall, we’ll be setting aside exclusive digital benefits to Tespa chapter members, which will give our leaders better opportunities to bring people together by recruiting new members using Tespa’s connections with partners and publishers.

Limited Event Packages

“Access to limited event packages and offers from Tespa and its partners.”

As game-agostic communities, Tespa chapters have often been home to multiple sub-communities that celebrate specific games, genres, and career paths. In the past, we’ve partnered with companies like Republic of Gamers and Twitch Student to provide holistic support to our chapters, but this year, we’re for more opportunities to connect chapter sub-communities directly to partners and publishers that can directly support their members.

Last week, we announced our Rise of Shadows Campaign Bundle, the first of many event packages designed to grow and enable Tespa Hearthstone communities. As we head into the 2019-2020 academic year, we’ll be announcing new additions to our roster of limited, partner-based activations — accessible to all Tespa chapters.

Other Changes

  • The Achievements System has been added for both Active & Beta chapters
  • The Consultations and Meetings requirements have been changed
  • Chapters will have access to Localized Chapter Assets
  • Chapters will have access to a Faculty Advisor newsletter
  • Beta Chapter Requirements have been reduced