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Community leaders by day, superheroes by night.

Meet your '19-20 Tespa Community Team

Tespa's Community Coordinators are the superheroes of the Tespa universe. These specialized teams are tasked with the duty of defending Tespa's chapters against the forces of evil, while also providing the on-the-ground support that our leaders need to grow epic gaming communities.

Whether you're looking for a stalwart defender or a dependable friend, our Community Team is here to help.

Chapter Coordinators

On the front lines, Tespa's Chapter Coordinators are veteran chapter leaders and community managers that provide year-round mentorship and support to our chapter leaders. Each of our coordinators comes from a unique background in the gaming industry ask them for their story!

If you don't know your Chapter Coordinators, email chapters@tespa.org with your name and chapter.

<a href="mailto:katie@tespa.org">Katie Guo</a><span>, Admissions Coordinator</span>

Katie Guo, Admissions Coordinator

Katie likes cats, naps and strawberry cake. She dislikes responsibilities and stress. Coming from the warmer reaches of Canada, Katie is probably playing Fire Emblem in her room. Ask her for tips on romancing your favorite character in FE, or Tespa related things.

<a href="mailto:cbell@tespa.org">Colton Bell</a><span>, Chapter Coordinator</span>

Colton Bell, Chapter Coordinator

An adventuring sorcerer from Not So Far-Off lands; Colton's favorite pastimes are long walks to the minifridge, losing in Hearthstone, and helping Tespa chapter leaders succeed. Colton is looking forward to sharing his leadership experience from various campus organizations, but he’s most excited to listen to your chapter’s unique stories and histories!

<a href="mailto:jcallahan@tespa.org">Jack D. Callahan</a><span>, Chapter Coordinator</span>

Jack D. Callahan, Chapter Coordinator

Backdropped by the snowy Flatirons of Boulder, Jack exhibits the qualities of the adventuring cleric: true to his principles, supportive of the party, and a bit of a shadow behind the facade. He can often be found chatting with chapter leaders, listening to sad boy metal albums, playing one of his many board games, or up late at night planning for WoW Classic.

<a href="mailto:zmakki@tespa.org">Zynab Makki</a><span>, Chapter Coordinator</span>

Zynab Makki, Chapter Coordinator

Zynab enjoys music, photography, and being calculated and stealthy in video games like the true rogue she is. She’s always down to listen, share her experiences, or chat with other Tespa leaders. When she's not behind a computer, she's likely enjoying the scenery of her adopted state of Vermont.

<a href="mailto:tmoore@tespa.org">Terrence Moore</a><span>, Chapter Coordinator</span>

Terrence Moore, Chapter Coordinator

A recent graduate of Stony Brook University, Terrence is excited to use his background in professional development to help passionate individuals enter the esports and gaming industry. When he isn’t playing autochess, he’s most likely planning another Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

<span><a href="mailto:bmoy@tespa.org">Brandi Moy</a>, Chapter Coordinator</span>

Brandi Moy, Chapter Coordinator

Brandi is a senior at the University of California, Irvine and was both a member and leader for her Tespa chapter. She helped develop a number of community projects like the Girls in Gaming Summer Camps and Zotcade. In her free time, she enjoys breeding for competitive and shiny Pokemon, researching the most effective Fire Emblem class pathways, and watching anime.

<span><a href="mailto:kobrien@tespa.org">Kevin O'Brien</a>, Chapter Coordinator</span>

Kevin O'Brien, Chapter Coordinator

A soon-to-be graduate of DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business, Kevin enjoys researching and studying trends in the gaming and esports industry. In his free time he likes to explore Chicago, listen to music, and hang out with his cats. Kevin spent eight years working as a chef and is excited to use his background to spice things up in the esports and gaming industry.